Jumpin' Joel Flash

Joel 'Jumpin’ Joel Flash' Elliott has always been a singer, songwriter, and performer. He just didn’t know it until he was an adult. Since then, he’s also become a community builder, Radio/TV/Webinar Host, Musical Director, Composer, and sometimes actor but not really. 

Joel didn’t grow up in a musical family... or even one that listened to music that much. Home life very rarely included tunes playing. The most exposure he had to music was listening to 90’s Country and Classic Rock on long, winding drives to and from rural homesteads. 

Despite meager influences, Joel was constantly composing songs in head. These ditties had movements, solos, and lyrics that were probably about four-wheeling & Super Nintendo. Joel never shared these songs with anyone, keeping his musicality kinda secret until he was waaaayyy too adult for his own good.   

First Bands

In Grade 7, Joel opted for music class, joining the school band by default. He picked trumpet because reeds seemed sinister. Joel remained in the band straight through to the end of high school, taking with him a lot of theory knowledge that he wouldn’t use again for at least a decade.

In that same time, Joel found himself an affinity for singing along to Classic Rock. In his early 20s, he was no longer satisfied with squawking along in the car, so he joined a cover band called Barrelhouse. Over the course of 10 years, along with valued mentorship from experienced players, he learned how to sing and perform through trial and error, nailing everything from The Allman Brothers to Steely Dan, from Yes to the entirety of Abbey Road.

Theatre and Film

In 2016, Joel starred as ‘Freddy’ in the stage production of My Fair Zombie at the Gladstone Theatre. The following year, he teamed up with director Brett Kelly to compose 10 original songs and the score for Phantom of the Opry. Joel acted as Musical Director & Band Leader for the production, which ran for five sell-out shows at The Gladstone. Sadly, there were no Tony nominations. 

The Theatre world intrigued Joel immensely, not just because of the people (they’re strange), but because of how differently the music is packaged and performed. Dramatic leads, story-based hooks, and BIG choral vocals just tickled all of Joel’s creative silly strings. He vowed to make a band that captured all the best bits of both. 

The Magic Machine

In 2017, Joel began to refer to himself as Jumpin’ Joel Flash, because he didn’t feel like changing his email address. He put together a crew of his favourite people/players to form The Magic Machine, an 8-piece powerhouse of harmonious twangy drama that bridges the line between a Band and a Theatre Production. 

Through purposeful set/show design, scripted skits and off-the-cuff nonsense, The Magic Machine aims to have viewers leave the show with tune in their head, & a smile in their step.

EP Release & beyond

Joel’s first EP, Jumpin’ Joel Flash & The Magic Machine was released in December 2018 at The EP Release Prom! This wild event saw the transformation of Makerspace North into a memory-filled night with vendor tables, photo booths, door prizes, Burlesque dancing, and of course, the Magic Machine!

In Fall of 2019, The Magic Machine held The Ottawa Art Pep Rally at Queen St. Fare. This themed event showcased visual and audio talent from around Ottawa, and had tasty coffee too!  

2020 brought with it a break from The Magic Machine (and everything else!).  As things open up, Joel will slowly bring the Machine back up to full capacity, and hopes to release his first full album in 2022.

In the Community

Growing up in and around Ottawa, Joel just assumed that he’d wind up working for the Government one day. Thankfully, he bucked the trend and ended up working for an economic think tank, which is considerably more boring. He worked there for a decade and decided that he hated it.  So he quit.

Since then, Joel has dedicated himself to helping to foster and grow Ottawa’s amazing and talented arts community. He was elected to the Board of Directors of The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition in 2018, serving for 2 years and helping to put together events such as The inaugural Capital Music Awards in March of 2020. He is the Co-Host of The Monday Special Blend on CKCU 93.1FM, as well as The Ottawa Music Video Showcase and Live! On Elgin Open Mic on Rogers 22.  

Joel is currently the Marketing Manager of Folk Music Ontario, where he is pleased to be putting his ill-gotten professional skills to much better use: promoting artists, organizations, and folk festivals throughout the province.